About Odelia

Designer, creator, artist, writer.
Ever since I can remember, I have lived and breathed styling and interior design. I never wondered what I would be when I grew up – I simply knew.
My greatest loves are people, houses, and the connections that are formed between them. My journey started in a company where I had the opportunity to work alongside leading figures from the industry on designing and planning homes to the highest standards, as well as many opportunities to attend professional conventions world-wide. I am privileged to bring this wealth of knowledge and expertise to my clients today.
In recent years I have been running an independent interior design firm that manages many bespoke projects to a consistently high standard and according to client needs and budgets. I believe in collaboration with the client throughout the entire process and in an open and productive dialogue that will help me identify specific design needs and passions, determine a budget, and professionally and creatively plan these into reality. I oversee each project personally to its last detail as if it were my only one.
I aspire, surprise, dare and reach new heights with every project. I am inspired by modern design trends including the use of innovative materials that enhance the spatial experience and create comfort and quality of life.